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Spinal Stenosis News:
Surgery Is More Effective Than Other Treatments For Common Back Problem, Study Shows...
- A new study shows that for degenerative spondylolisthesis with spinal stenosis, surgery provides significantly better results than non surgical alternatives. - Science Daily

X-STOP® Inplant
The X-STOP®:
Revolutionizing Spinal Stenosis Surgery

This non-fusion spinal stenosis back surgery is minimally invasive, takes about an hour, and is usually done outpatient. It is easy on you and the family as well as clinically effective and FDA approved.
Get Back in Action!
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X-STOP® = Spinal Harmony
Don't put up with your pain any longer. Call and make an appointment today!
woman exercisingNothing speaks louder than personal experience.
Most of our patients are over 50 and the X-STOP® is allowing them to become active again not only with their families, but also with their "physical" health...
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